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Lyze-Wiseo, Radiotherapy Workflow Simple Summary


Wiseo Radiation Oncology Workflow, an outstanding HIPAA-compliant workflow management system dedicated for radiation Oncology, integrates a high-performance task manager. It allows you to model in a reliable and dynamic way the stage processes of your patients in integrating the information specific to each treatment, localization, technique, machine, fusion, etc.
In addition, Wiseo incorporates its own intelligent scheduler that automates scheduling and rescheduling of patient appointments.

Superior Ergonomics

Wiseo is designed to meet your requirements, adapt to your organization and optimize your schedule by providing you with an advanced interface and exceptional ease of use.
  • 1 - A vision of the entire activity of the center in a single click
  • 2 - A multitude of dynamic views and an infinity of widgets per user
  • 3 - Management of notifications by professional
  • 4 - Customizable widgets containing information
  • 5 - A task countdown to another scheduled task
  • 6 - An interchange interface between professionals
Lyze-Wiseo Radiotherapy Workflow Easy Scheduler
Lyze-Wiseo Radiotherapy Workflow Access From Any Platform, Anywhere

A web interface for optimal accessibility

With a web interface, Wiseo is accessible from anywhere and with any operating system.

Secure your treatment processes

For each task, Wiseo allows:
Electronic signature approval
Filling in a customizable questionnaire
Attach corresponding documents
Lyze-Wiseo Radiotherapy Workflow Secure Treatment
Lyze-Wiseo Radiotherapy Workflow Dedicated Document Editor

A dedicated document editor

Create, edit, customize and store your documents online.
Build and use templates.
Power your documents from patient data.

Synthesize and analyze your data effectively

Explore all of your data with the Wiseo Analysis Tool.
Provide real-time access to your database.
Create and dynamically view your crosstabs exported in Excel, Word, PDF.
Lyze-Wiseo Radiotherapy Workflow Easy And Simple Data Analysis
Lyze-Wiseo Radiotherapy Workflow Smart Scheduler

Intelligent scheduler

Wiseo has its own built-in automated intelligent scheduler:
Save valuable time in scheduling.
Minimizing appointment conflicts in scheduling.
Rescheuling in the events of machine maintenance...
Automated with client protocol preferences.
Patient notifications via email and SMS.