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Lyze-Wiseo Document Management System

WISEO Healthcare DMS (a HIPAA-compliant Document Management System)

Manually managing the paperwork trail and workflow may seem trivial but it takes time and effort away from healthcare personnel who could be focusing on important matters.WISEO DMS is the ideal solution that puts harmony to the workflow through an intelligent document management system, while maintaining a secure environment that guards patient confidentiality, banishes stalling and limits human errors.


Intelligent Workflow

Wiseo DMS, with its flexible built-in workflow module, harmonizes the document voyage from its creation to archiving. Users will no longer have to manually receive, view and decide where documents should go next, because Wiseo DMS’s rules-based workflow dictates the flow of the document.
Wiseo-DMS Intelligent Workflow
Wiseo-DMS Security

Guaranteed Security

Wiseo DMS’s rights management module insures data is always safe and confidential. Our solution allows administrators to give access to documents based on type. Only concerned users or groups of users will be able to view or edit documents and patient files. In addition, WISEO DMS is a HIPAA-compliant Document Management Solution.

Collaboration and Validation

Wiseo allows multiple authorized users to retrieve and work on a document. Documents pass through various approval processes where users can distribute, refuse, approve, or cancel tasks easily, and in a timely manner.
Wiseo-DMS Collaboration And Validation
Wiseo-DMS Task Notifications

No overlooked tasks

To further ensure that no task is ignored or overlooked, notifications are sent to the concerned users obliging them to acknowledge that a document needs their attention. It can also alert them when a task is overdue.


Changes or markups by each individual user are kept, thus allowing document history to be monitored through versions. Users can return to any previous versions and continue his work from there.
Wiseo-DMS Document Versioning
Wiseo-DMS Document Validation


Wiseo DMS limits greatly human Error through its Validation process. Documents are sent to concerned individuals for visual validation and important data are scanned for document failures, missing signatures, or misspelled names.

Search Engine

By keeping track of unique document identifiers, retrieving documents through Wiseo becomes rapid and easy. This limits time and costs associated with the storage and handling of paper documents.
Wiseo-DMS Search Engine
Wiseo-DMS Report And Statistics

Generating Report and Statistics

Wiseo DMS can produces analyses of documents and information with detailed reports. With Wiseo you can also create graphic indicators and export it to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF.

Archiving and Deletion

Managing documents, archiving and deleting them with Wiseo DMS is very easy and you can always restore a deleted document, if needed.
Wiseo-DMS Delete And Archive
Wiseo-DMS Document Organization

Document Organization

The management of your documents has never been easier. WISEO DMS offers an organizational hierarchy with categories and sub-categories to store your files and documents and make it easy to locate them.


You can access Wiseo DMS on tablets, smartphones, or workstations.
Wiseo-DMS Compatibility