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A cutting edge software for the calculation of the maximum dose deposition during complex treatments in radiation therapy like VMAT, Tomotherapy, IMRT, etc.

A simple and user-friendly interface

Lyze-MontDose Simple And Effecient
Simple and efficient
MontDose™ Combines easy use, easy functioning and quick calculation system.

In just two clicks, your treatment plan is calculated and exported.
Lyze-MontDose Compatible with your TPS
Compatible with your TPS
For a better integration in your routine, an import interface allows you to exchange data with your TPS, using DICOM-RT standard.
Lyze-MontDose Data Management
Easy management of your data
Your calculated data can be archived, printed or used later through the export module. For each calculated plan, a report can be generated as MS-Office and open source compatible format.

A powerful dose calculation algorithm

Lyze-MontDose Optimal Algorithm
An optimal algorithm
MontDose™ uses the Pencil beam convolution algorithm. The Kernel is generated by Monte-Carlo for an optimal modelization of the lateral scatter in the patient.
Lyze-MontDose Simple Configuration
A simple configuration
A configuration module allows an efficient modeling of your machine with different energies and modes (SRS, FFF, etc.) The MontDose™ calculation algorithm takes account of the dynamic movements of MLC and dosimetric leaf gaps
Lyze-MontDose 3D Calculation
A 3D calculation in the patient
The algorithm calculates the dose directly in the patient volume exported from your TPS. The calculation is performed for all the control points of the treatment fields. Results are delivered separately for each of these points. A summary output by a beam is displayedfor a quick and efficient use of the data.